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Behind a Youthful Face!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on May 4, 2015

While skincare is a key part of healthy, youthful looking skin there are some other really important, very accessible ways that enable women to look so much younger than their age.

Let's start with attitude! The way we see life - as either an exciting open journey or a closed book with ageing as a burden.

If we see life as an exciting journey we will endeavour to make every day an interesting step in that journey. We will be open to meeting new people and trying new things. We will take (calculated!) risks and our lives will continue to be an adventure.

We will not have thoughts about limitations but rather about possibilities. The look on our faces demonstrates which attitude we choose (and it is a choice!). No amount of cosmetics will hide that!

Secondly, healthy and youthful skin requires a healthy lifestyle.

This is much easier than it may seem. Daily exercise, healthy food, no smoking - how difficult is that really?

We have a choice to either treat our bodies as temples or amusement parlours!

We dont necessarily need to go to a gym - our homes can be our gyms and we can save money at the same time! This is as simple as walking every day wherever we can and doing some manual work (perhaps vacuuming the house, washing the car, gardening).

You may be thinking - I don't have time - but think about the things you do have time for like meeting with and talking to friends, going to the supermarket or fresh food store etc. We can actually choose to meet our friends for walks, instead of the coffee shop, and achieve two goals together. We can walk instead of driving to many places. We can adopt a policy of doing rather than watching others do!

In Australia the choices around healthy food are incredible - how hard is it to focus on fruit, vegetables, nuts, chicken, fish and meat in our shopping and avoid the sugar, filled packages?

None of the above are revolutionary ideas but they will contribute to healthier, more youthful skin.

One of my favourite thoughts is this - attributable to Opray Winfrey:

'The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change her/his future by merely changing her/his attitude!'

Skincare does not have to be complicated or expensive!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on July 31, 2014

Many women we speak to are totally confused by what a good skincare regime means.

The good news is that it's actually quite uncomplicated - Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate and Moisturize!

While it is very tempting for a skincare company to develop dozens of products, at griffin+row we have been determined to have only those products that are essential for an effective daily regime.

Here are some questions that we are often asked!

  • Why doesn't griffin+row have an Eye Cream
    As our moisturizer contains no harmful chemicals, it is so gentle on the skin that it can be used all over the face and neck, including around the eyes.
  • What age group can use griffin+row?
    As with healthy food, healthy skincare can be used by all ages. Just as fruit and vegetables are good for all ages, so are our products, which are based on plant extracts known for their antioxidant benefits. The only variation is that more mature skin can benefit from Enrich which is a more concentrated product than Nourish.
  • Why doesn't griffin+row have a face mask?
    You can see on our website under FAQ that griffin+row does have Face Mask routine, usingthe four products Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate and Enrich.
  • Should you exfoliate the skin every day?
    With the griffin+row Exfoliate cloth, the gentleness of the organic cloth ensures that daily exfoliation is very beneficial ,sluffing off dead skin cells and ensuring that the fresh new cells come to the surface. This leaves the skin looking fresh and young.
  • Can griffin+row be used on sensitive skin?
    Yes, the fact that our range does not contain harmful chemicals means that even very sensitive skin can use griffin+row
  • Is griffin+row allergy -free?
    Actually there is no such thing as allergy free skincare or allergy free food! As we know people can have allergies to apples and oranges. So with skincare there will be someone somewhere who may have an allergy to even the most pure skincare products

We are really happy to answer your questions.
Please contact Marcia Griffin who has had more than 25 years experience in skincare!

How to take 10 years off your age (no surgery required!)

Posted by Marcia Griffin on January 2014

1.Exercise every day.Spend at least half an hour working out to keep your body firm and taut. Exercise benefits not only your figure, but reduces stress and focuses the mind. This is not optional!

2.Wear fashion that suits you, don't dress to suit fashion. Never choose your clothes based on the latest craze; select styles which enhance your best features. Forgo shapeless garments in favour of tailored pieces that glide over not grip your body.

3.Flaunt your assets with style! Allow for your hem to skim just over your knobbly knees and show off your calves (steer clear of full length garments as they can look frumpy). Same with your arms - three-quarter length shirts work a treat if your arms are not as firm as they used to be!

3.Find heels that compliment your outfit.Not all heels are created equal; specific heights suit specific silhouettes. For example, stilettos compliment outfits that elongate your body such as pants and ankle straps make petite women appear shorter.

4.Choose colours wisely.Select colours that enable you to add bright accessories and pieces without looking gaudy. Shy away from large prints - they look dowdy! Remember the darker the colour the slimmer you will look and you can always brighten and lighten with scarves and jewellery.

5.It's all about the hair.Wear hair at a length(just above shoulder length) that is feminine; boy short cuts are really ageing as is waist length over 35! Fringes and layers around the face can hide a multitude of ageing signs, as does a good warm colour. With age lighter hair is softer and more forgiving. Steer clear of jet black locks as they add years to the face.

6.Use make-up sparingly.Use make up with discretion to enhance your best facial features. Less is definitely more in this instance; thin lips, for example, need light colours. The basic rule of thumb when applying make-up is that if you want to enhance a feature use a lighter colour, if you want to reduce feature use a darker colour.

7.Skincare is paramount.Consider a daily skincare routine as important as a healthy diet and your minimum half hour of exercise! It is never too late to invest in a good regime and begin to wear sunscreen! Make sure your products are free from harmful chemicals as they could in fact age the skin and do more damage than good.

9.Update your perfume.Perfume is seasonal and transitional - your signature scent that you've worn 20 years ago may not still be fresh today. Avoid heavy and musky scents like roses and lavender and opt for "youthful" spritzes like orange and honey.

10.Confidence is the key. Agreat attitude, a warm smile and a positive approach to life speak volumes and the lines that form from smiling are very much less ageing than frown lines.

Have a beautiful New Year!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 20th December 2013

Recently I attended an event where a young journalist gave a stunning speech about freedom of the press. At the end of her speech I congratulated her on both her speech and how beautifully she presented herself. She was well groomed and well dressed. She looked surprised and I said to her" its wonderful when women are both intelligent and beautifully presented."

I realize that in Australia we do not compliment each other enough, but when we do the effect is fantastic. We all love to be paid a genuine compliment on our achievements and/or appearance.

I think we should always encourage women to be their best in every way-in the achievement of what we set out to do and in looking our best.

I notice how many Australian women in powerful roles in business and politics seem to want to look like men-chopped hair, masculine looking suits and a distinct disregard for their femininity.

Its ok to be feminine and achievement oriented!!

Julie Bishop is a great example of a highly successful woman who also takes great pride in her fitness, clothes and grooming. She is a great role model for younger women who can feel that it is ok to enjoy clothes, cosmetics and of course skincare!!!

So another year has come to an end and a new one about to start-have a Beautiful Year.

Enjoy your femininity and I wish you success and happiness in all that you commit to in 2014!

No such thing as instant success!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on August 2013

Everyday we read magazines,watch TV and tune into the internet and we see companies promising instant success.

It may be weight loss,fitness or skincare.

The message is always the same-just pay us and you will achieve your goal!

The reality is that if we want to lose weight we need to eat the right food and exercise daily.

If we want to be fit,it will simply not be enough to lie on a machine that exercises the body,we need to exercise by walking,gym work,jogging or playing sport.

No skincare products will turn back the clock twenty years instantly!!

For great skin we need a daily regime, using products free from harmful chemicals and with ingredients that help the skin regenerate and heal. We need to eat well,exercise and have a positive attitude.

Spending a fortune on any of the above will not guarantee success.

With more than twenty years in the skincare industry I can assure you that nothing works better for your skin than this simple mantra

  • Daily skincare morning and night-Cleanse,Exfoliate,Hydrate and Moisturize
  • Daily exercise to facilitate good blood circulation which nourishes the new skin cells
  • ( Remember the skin has its own fantastic cell renewal system

that needs extra help as we get older!)

  • A healthy diet full of fruit,vegetables,protein and some carbs!
  • Its all about balance and discipline!!

Skincare like food is a health item not a fashion item

Take care of what you eat and put on your skin!

Watch out for harmful chemicals in your skincare-this was a clear message on Today Tonight July 15, 2013

Posted by Marcia Griffin on July 2013

At griffin+row we have always promoted the fact that skincare is about healthcare.

Skincare is not a fashion item.

Today Tonight Channel 7 July 15 segment gave us some very interesting facts:

  • The average woman applies over 500 chemicals to her body every day
  • We absorb these chemicals into our system,
  • What we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies
  • These harmful chemicals are responsible for the rise in allergies,redness,angry skin and even cancer
  • Over a year we absorb up to 2 kilos of these chemicals into our bodies
  • Consumers are becoming more conscious and seeking natural products

This is the griffin+row message - treat your skin like you would any other organ in your body with care and using products without harmful chemicals.

Our products are free from harmful chemical and are based on plant extracts known for their health giving properties:

Taking care of your skin in Winter!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 17-06-2013 10:38:30 (Edited on 17-06-2013 10:38:57)

We think that Summer is a hard time for our skin but actually the cold and drying winds of Winter are equally harsh.

The good news is that there are many things we can do to take care of our skin in winter:-

  • Protect your neck and lower face with a warm scarf.This year there are some wonderful circular scarves which are perfect for playing sport and giving your neck great protection.
  • Take extra care with Hydrating your skin and use the most nourishing moisturizer-in our griffin+row range you might change to Enrich for the Winter months.
  • Take care of your diet and don't fall for the quick warm up of junk food-go for healthy soups,green vegetables winter fruits
  • As heating can dehydrate your skin,use your Hydrate during the day to refresh and revitalize your skin.
  • Do the griffin+row face mask-at least once a week
  • Protect your hands by wearing gloves and use Enrich on your hands as a really effective protective cream.
  • Dont let the cold hold you back from exercising.Exercise daily to help blood circulation which enhances skin cell renewal (cover up when outside in the cold wind)
  • Make sure that you maintain your twice daily morning and night routine-its vital all year round!

A Tribute to Mothers for Mothers Day from griffin+row

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 09-05-2013 14:06:51 (Edited on 09-05-2013 14:06:51)

The role that mothers play in our community is extraordinary and rarely acknowledged:

  • They set the standards (and are the role models) for the next generation
  • They often have 2 full time jobs -mothering and a paid job!
  • They juggle many management roles- house,work and family.
  • They generally put themselves last
  • They are unsung heroines

Pregnancy and skincare.

Posted by Marcia Griffin on April 2013

Recently we were asked at griffin+row if our range was suitable for pregnant women.

As our products are free from harmful chemicals and are based on the concept of using only daily essentials -our range is very suitable for pregnant women.

griffin+row has been designed to give maximum skincare for minimum effort.

We know women are time poor,juggling children,work and life generally.

griffin+row reflects the belief of many dermatologists that we do need to do something to our skin everyday -but we do not need complicated regimes or products that are simply designed to increase the sales of a brand.

That is why we are focussed only on the steps we need to slow down skin ageing-Cleanse,Exfoliate,Hydrate and Moisturize

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You are our inspiration at griffin+row!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 15-04-2013 13:59:21 (Edited on 15-04-2013 13:59:21)

It is really great to hear from happy customers as you are the people we are inspired by!!

Thanks Joan for your comments below

Just emailing to thank you for the quick delivery of your wonderful products. It's such a seamless process to order online. They arrive quickly and are simply divine.

Easy steps for Sensitive skin care

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 08-04-2013 14:00:54 (Edited on 15-04-2013 09:13:56)

If you have really sensitive skin and are worried about trying new skincare products here are some tips:

  • Try only one product at a time-changing skincare is like changing your diet-do it slowly!
  • Start with the cleanser.
  • When you start using a new moisturizer or hydrate try on the back of your neck and wait to see if there is redness or any reaction.
  • Remember that you only need to use small quantities of product,your skin can only absorb so much.

If you would like to receive special offers for sensitive skin please click here and you will receive details of all griffin+row offers.

griffin+row is suitable for sensitive skin.

Can any skincare be allergy -free?

Posted by Marcia Griffin on April 2013

It is almost impossible to say that any skincare can be allergy free because we can have allergies to even the purest ingredients.

We can say however that taking out harmful chemicals reduces the likelihood of a skin reaction.

If you would like to receive special griffin+row offers which are very suitable for sensitive skin,please click here and join our mailing list.

Skincare is a health care matter not a fashion item

Posted by Marcia Griffin on February 2013
Save your money, Save your skin, Save the environment,Save the Australian economy! This was our start up philosophy at griffin+row Effective, affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly skincare products. You don't have ...

Can we stop skin ageing?

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 04-07-2011 15:55:16 (Edited on 04-07-2011 15:57:21)

As I speak to many women about their skincare concerns there seem to be 3 big questions!

Can we stop skin ageing?

Of course this is the biggest question of all and the answer is that while we can't totally stop skin ageing we can do a lot to slow it down and that is what we need to focus on.

On mission at griffin+row

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 03-06-2011 13:24:04 (Edited on 03-06-2011 13:25:09)

I want to say thank you to our loyal customers and also to say how much I appreciate your love of our products!

Thank you for the calls and emails regarding product availability, you will notice that we are now in more and more pharmacies, in order to ensure that you have easier access to the range.

I was looking the other day at our original mission statement and the thinking behind griffin+row

I thought you might like to see that we remain on mission!

Best Skincare Tips

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 11-12-2008 00:00:00 (Edited on 15-09-2011 09:36:02)

Do you have a skincare tip or comment that you want to share with other smart women? Please use the contact us form to submit it to our blog.

Our favourite...

griffin+row Top 14 Skincare Tips

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 12-12-2008 00:00:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)
  1. Lack of hydration is a major cause of ageing-please hydrate your skin as often as you need with griffin+row Hydrate. Hydrate also helps the absorption of Enrich moisturiser.
  2. Your skin is...

Feeling young in February

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 05-02-2009 00:00:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

As we communicate with our griffin+row customers we learn that women today are leading very busy lives and want great tips about how to stay healthy and feel young. We...


Posted by Marcia Griffin on 01-03-2009 00:00:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

As Yvonne and I talk to women all over the country we learn a lot about the busy lives they live and it makes us think about what ideas we...

Autumn Reflections

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 31-03-2009 00:00:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

April is a beautiful month, a month of autumn colours especially if you live in Melbourne or any southern part of Australia where we have four seasons.

Autumn always makes me...

May is Mothers Day

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 30-04-2009 00:00:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

May is Mother's Day among many other things!

Available through Target stores, griffin+row has a great starter kit on special for Mother's Day. The griffin+row Starter Kit is a lovely...

June Jewels for Glowing Skin

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 01-06-2009 00:00:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

As we start tapping into the depths of winter here are a few tips to keep you feeling healthy and skin happy!

I understand how hard it is to get...

We love customer questions

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 05-07-2009 23:35:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

We keep getting amazing responses to our griffin+row range and people are asking great questions. Please ask us anything you like about skincare and we will help if we can....

Younger looking skin is what women want!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 31-07-2009 17:12:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

I have been spending time speaking with griffin+row customers in Target stores and have been reflecting on all the things these customers have been telling me that they want from...

Feeling and looking young

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 01-09-2009 14:08:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

Do you notice how your mood lifts with sunny skies and warmer days as Spring is just around the corner?

Over the last few months I have been writing a lot...

Healthy body, healthy skin!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 01-10-2009 15:36:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

Here is some really great news - we can stay fit for as long as we keep exercising!!

Two studies by scientists at the University of California found that women over...

If 60's the new 40 - how do I stay younger for longer?

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 05-11-2009 12:27:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

The average life expectancy for Australian women is now extending beyond 85 years. That's a compelling reason to start early in taking good care of your body, your health and...

Welcome to Summer!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 03-12-2009 02:26:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

Can you believe we are at the end of another year?I hope you had a great one and are looking forward to a fabulous 2010!

Thank you all for...

A Big Thought

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 11-01-2010 13:32:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

The start of the new year always heralds resolutions, intentions and plans. Of course I'm going to exercise more, apply more restraint when it comes to cheese and red wine,...

February Post

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I hope you all are having a great start to the year.

Actually 2010 is already a 12th over - February for me has always been a time to have a...

More than Natural

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 09-03-2010 12:35:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

Terms like 'pure', 'natural' and 'organic' are used by all kinds of producers and manufacturers in order to capture consumers who are conscious of the myriad health problems that can...

Simple strategies for staying fitter and looking younger!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 01-04-2010 15:59:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

Every month we have been writing about griffin+row and how easy it is to use and how great the results are - what is so gratifying is having you tell...

Contentment is a Constant Feast

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 03-05-2010 18:57:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

This message was written on an old vase that sat on the mantelpiece of a friend of mine. This little blog piece has been framed by that wisdom and informed...

Hydrate Inside and Out!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 16-06-2010 16:37:12 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

Strangely winter is the worst time for our skin. While we all understand the problems associated with the summer UV factor, we often forget about the drying effect of winter...

4 easy tips for Summer skincare

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 15-11-2010 14:37:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

As Summer approaches (or is trying to approach) there are a few skin matters we need to consider.

As the weather warms up our skin may feel a little less dry,...

Hope in a Jar

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 04-08-2010 16:00:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

In a recent article in a prestigious magazine it said that even in a financial crisis the 'lipstick index' suggests women opt to spend money on cosmetics, even when they're...

Call up the wealth of your life measured not in money but in friends and relationships. Go into your solitude and find the wealth, the things that have meaning.

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 29-09-2010 19:44:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

Three weeks ago, the father of my two sons and grandfather to our five granddaughters lost his battle with cancer and passed away. While we had gone our separate ways...

Yvonne and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and wonderful 2011.

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 14-12-2010 17:08:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

Is it just my age or are the years going faster?

Logic would of course tell us that time never changes from year to year but I have the feeling that...

A New Year, a new start!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 17-01-2011 13:08:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

Happy New Year to all our friends at griffin+row.

I recently ran into a friend who confessed that her New Year resolutions were already fading into the distance.

We talked about why...

The amazing benefits of exercise!

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 15-02-2011 11:36:00 (Edited on 08-05-2011 13:06:42)

We read, we talk and we think a lot about aging, and while no-one has yet found the perfect prevention potion, we do now have enough information about our body,...

griffin+row continues to grow

Posted by Marcia Griffin on 28-03-2011 12:07:00 (Edited on 23-05-2011 10:59:14)

I have just returned from the US where the demand for natural products, free from harmful chemicals, is continuing to explode!

It is really gratifying to know that griffin+row ticks all the boxes that informed consumers around the world are seeking.

As I had to answer so many questions about griffin+row I...